Trends Not To Miss by Whitby Landscaping Expert

As important as any other aspect of your home, landscaping should never be neglected in regular home upkeep and maintenance. Increasing home value and maintaining curb appeal can be easily achieved by fresh landscaping that follows modern trends. Landscaping trends change just as fashion trends change from year to year. My friend who runs a stump grinding company explained to us where the industry is heading. There is going to be a wide range of new trends this year.

foodscape whitby landscaping trends
Edible landscaping is growing quite popular in the Whitby, ON area.

Edible Plants aka Foodscaping

Foodscaping is a massive shift in landscaping that we are seeing thrust itself into the limelight in recent years. Inspired largely by environmentally conscious design thinking, foodscaping is the process of creating edible landscape elements. This includes incorporating fruits and vegetables into commonplace landscape designs allows for highly functional and attractive arrangements. Possible even with small space utilizing containers, foodscaping is pushing the limits by creating hybrid outdoor spaces featuring a massive assortment of edible plants.

Feel the Flow with Water Features

Constructing fabulous water features is not as challenging as many might think. Existing landscape designs can be complemented with a unique water feature providing a completely new feel and look. Sustainability is often introduced into these arrangements by using the water as irrigation for plants and trees throughout the nearby landscaping. Water features are going to be a super-hot trend this year, and anyone looking for cutting-edge design should consider including them in their design.

Locally Focused Gardening

One very cool trend this year is the focus using local plants for gardening purposes. Putting to use locally sourced and appropriate plants and trees makes a landscape design easy to care for and cultivate while also being easy to care for throughout the seasons. Celebrating the diversity of locally focused plants also provides less impact on the environment as a whole and is definitely an eco-friendly step in landscaping trends.

Keep your landscaping looking its best with help from an expert Whitby landscaping company; they can help you to implement any or all of these trends in your current or future landscape design. We hope you keep your landscaping look hot and tune-in next time for more awesome landscape tips.